Hello, I make robot plushies~

Commission status: Closed I was optimistic, but that was a mistake because I'm clearly going to be busy with the current commissions until the end of this year :C

TFP Optimus Prime plushie

Commission, made for paixchasseu

He’s finally done. I’m not sure how long he’s taken, because I stopped counting after 100 hours, but it’s been nearly 6 months worth of weekends spent working on him but I am finally, finally finished.

Optimus is 24” to the tip of his crest, and made from minky, with a plastic armature and safety joints. His windows are organza with a layer of transparent PVC, so they’re slightly see through :3

He was made to this design by Laserbot

Nearly all of the pieces were sewn on the sewing machine, and then he was hand stitched together. All the embroidery was done using the button hole stitch on the sewing machine, and the dots on his smoke stacks were done with a SetaSkrib fabric pen. His Autobot symbols are patches, custom made by SoapyBacon 

Very soon he’ll have his own weapon and tiny little Megatron plush, but he’s needed for Botcon and I’ve run out of time to get all his little accessories done.

He’s ended up even more complex than my previous Knock Out plush, and whilst it been a damn long and frustrating job to make him, I’m so happy with him you just have no idea :’D Mostly I love his legs but oh man I’m so proud of his face too oh man~

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I’ve wanted to punch myself in the face more or less constantly for 6 months, I’m not making any more plushies to this level of detail for a good long while :C

**Bonus Bob pictures because OP doesn’t understand how they’re so small and cute in this universe :D**

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