Hello, I make robot plushies~

Commission status: Closed-ish

I haven't got any more free slots this year, but if you wanted a Bob or a chibi G1 seeker or something of the sort, then I'll likely be able to fit that in somewhere, so it's worth asking :3

I am hoping that a few of the plushies on my list will go a lot quicker than the time I've allowed, so hopefully I'll be able to open up a couple more slots later on in the year~

It’s been more time than I care to think about (approx 3 months of working evenings and weekends) but Knock Out is finally finished~

He’s ridiculously detailed, with all the embroidery work done using the button-hole stitch on my sewing machine, and while he can’t transform, he is fully jointed, with wire in his arms and legs to help pose him a bit~ Along with that, his hands are fully wired, so he can grip and hold things, though alas his weapon is a tad heavy for him to hold up properly.

17” tall to the top of his helm crest, he’s made completely from minky, aside from his eyes which are faux-suede and drawn using a Sharpie fineliner. And he’s got a squeaker in his left shoulder wheel :3

This is the first time I’ve ever tried making anything like this-the only other two plushies I’ve made were Insecticon Bobs, and whilst detailed in their own way, they were a breeze compared to the seemingly endless details and parts I had to make for Knock Out. Mostly, he’s lots of individual parts built up and sewn onto the basic shape of his body, which means he looks great, but he took forever to actually sew together~

If you’re interested, progress pictures can be seen on my blog here.

Needless to say, I am unbelievably happy with how he’s turned out, and it’ll be almost sad to see him sent off to his new owner :’)

On that subject, while I do take commissions*, I’m closed until around February so I can catch up on other commissions and my own projects. I’ll put out a post at the time, with a price guide :3

(*Unfortunately, making Knock Out nearly drove me insane, so while I will probably accept commissions for literally any other character, I really don’t want to make another Knock Out for a good long while, sorry :C)

So now it’s on to the next plush~ :D

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